Our Services

We specialize in a number of heavy construction solutions.

Our clients include private individuals, commercial entities, cities, counties, the Texas Department of Transportation, TxDOT Aviation, the US Air Force, the US General Services Administration, the US Corps of Engineers, and several international corporations who operate facilities in Texas.

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Looking for Materials?

If you're just looking for materials, CSA Materials, Inc. has what you need. You can find plant locations, get pricing and availability, and even submit a request for a quote online.

Reece Albert, Inc. is leading the way in this innovative and cost effective paving method. Give us a call today to find out more about Roller Compacted Concrete.

Earthwork is instrumental in laying the foundation for a stable and long lasting construction project. Reece Albert, Inc. recognizes the importance of building foundations on the ground by building a good foundation of operations and personnel. We own and operate many of the industries heaviest equipment including loaders, production trucks, motor graders, bulldozers, backhoes and excavators; all equipped with today's leading technology.

Reece Albert, Inc. gets the job done with earthwork crews with decades of combined site work experience. We focus on stability, productivity and efficiency to get the project finished in the most cost-efficient manner.

With numerous earthwork crews, supported by a large, modern fleet of earthwork equipment and the latest technology as the foundation for the work we perform, Reece Albert, Inc. is the most trusted name in heavy construction.

Reece Albert, Inc. built its first hot mix plant in 1959 to provide hot mix asphalt for small paving projects in San Angelo. Today, Reece Albert provides hot mix paving services for private and governmental clients through its extensive network of permanent and portable hot mix plants and paving crews.

From driveways to highways, Reece Albert serves all of our client's hot mix and paving needs.

Reece Albert has self-performed most of its own curb and gutter, sidewalk, culverts, and small concrete paving projects for more than 30 years.

Our paving crews are highly trained and complete each project with superior quality and craftsmanship. In 2004, Reece Albert expanded its capabilities to include large concrete paving, structures, and bridge construction services. Reece Albert has the ability to self-perform all concrete paving and concrete structure needs of our clients.

Reece Albert has self-performed water, sewer and storm water utility construction for all types of commercial developments and governmental projects for over 30 years.

Through our in-house surveying and engineering personnel, we work closely with all outside owner and engineer representatives to provide the end product required for each individual project.

Reece Albert, Inc. is involved in ongoing design-build projects throughout West Texas. When appropriate, the design-build project delivery system can benefit the client through the streamlining of engineering design and construction.

Reece Albert, Inc. along with our in-house engineering capabilities and engineering firm partners, are capable of forming teams that are tailor-made to meet your project needs. We believe in the design-build concept, and welcome any design-build opportunities.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) sets stringent construction and design standards at civil airports that require any construction company to be at the top of their game. At Reece Albert, Inc. our experience in scope of work, use of materials and specifications has enabled us to construct first-class airports all across West Texas. We understand that an airport or airfield must safely maintain daily operations and air traffic regardless of construction. We use highly trained crews, modern technology and equipment and old fashioned hard work to complete the project on time and without much disruption.

With Reece Albert, Inc. we take our work seriously and work to ensure a durable and safe final product to the end user. Our airports fully demonstrate that.